new campaign website launches


Yay! I've got a new virtual home in the online world of the Internet!

Check our my new campaign website, which launched this week thanks to the hard work of one of my constituents, Essex neighbor Gina Halpin Barrett. (YOU ROCK, Gina!)

I wanted a simple site that gives you a sense of my background, my values as a person, and some of my priorities if elected.

For example, did you know that my deep love for the Great State of Vermont began as a child, shushing down its magnificent ski slopes?! Here's an excerpt from the "About" page on my new website:

"My love affair with Vermont began at age 7 on the ski slopes of Okemo Mountain in Ludlow. Back then, lift tickets cost $7 per day and making it to the summit via the longest Poma lift in New England (6,207 feet) was a near miraculous feat for a spindly kiddo. 

We were one of many families who packed their clan into a wood-paneled station wagon and headed north (from Long Island, N.Y.) for fresh snows. All of my holidays and school vacations were spent on the Vermont ski slopes or trekking through Okemo State Forest in summertime with my four siblings. A deep affinity for the spaciousness and immense beauty of the Green Mountain State was cemented in those early days."

Check out the rest of the website. Sign up for regular E-newsletters from my campaign. (I promise not to overwhelm you!) And on Facebook, LIKE Marybeth Redmond for State Representative. I am a long-time journalist and a bit of a news junkie (though I have to moderate myself these days). I usually have an interesting article to share.

Marybeth Redmond