primary election day win!


THANK YOU for helping me achieve a primary win!!

Check out that priceless expression on my face the day of the polls. It definitely captures the energy and excitement I feel as I head into the next phase of the campaign. 

(What really happened: constituent Emily Macy "photo-bombed" me at the polls, and campaign volunteer Abbie Tykocki captured the moment!) 

Here's a quick update from Primary Election Day: according to official results from the Secretary of State's office, our campaign came out on top with 632 votes cast for me and 496 votes cast for fellow Democrat Tanya Vyhovsky.

Because we live in a two-member district, both of us will now advance to the General Election on Nov. 6, where we'll be joined by Republican incumbent Linda Myers in a three-way race for two seats. (BTW, Linda garnered 314 votes in the GOP primary.) 

But interestingly, the primary results showed lots of blank ballots in our race category. For example, some constituents in Chittenden 8-1 voted for statewide races alone and probably didn't know enough about me or our campaign to weigh in.

...which means I have a lot of work to do in the coming 12 weeks - to introduce myself to Essex residents, hear about their hopes and dreams, and share a few of my own priorities

My deepest gratitude to all of the Essex voters who supported my candidacy in the Primary. And to my family and friends who sent loving notes, positive vibes, lots of prayers, and financial contributions from Vermont and beyond - I am humbled and over the moon with appreciation.

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Marybeth Redmond