traffic jam at creemee barn

Whatever our vocation, we stand beckoning and calling, singing and shouting, planted at the gates of Hope. This world and our people are beautiful and broken, and we are called to raise that up - to bear witness to the possibility of living with the dignity, bravery and gladness that befits a human being.
— Victoria Stafford

During a spectacular last Friday evening, my campaign served up 182 vanilla, chocolate and maple creemees to Essex Town residents and other Vermonters passing through on Route 15.

Massive thanks to all of my engaged volunteers who held "Free Creemee" signs at the curb; mingled with guests to orient them to my campaign; transported donated food to Aunt Dot's Place; took beautiful, expressive photos; and coordinated the swag table.  

There was a lovely air of community and fellowship as a wide swath of people chatted and enjoyed delicious, farm fresh ice cream from Sweet Scoops on a warm summer’s night.

Mostly, the event confirmed for me the importance of creating opportunities for diverse community to come together to get to know one another.

We can travel in our well-worn, comfortable bubbles because of habit or routine. But we enrich ourselves and each other when we step outside of our comfort zones and expose ourselves to new neighbors and perspectives.

Marybeth Redmond