we won!


I am beyond-humbled this morning, having been elected to the VT House of Representatives by my Essex constituents and ALL OF YOU!

Here are the unofficial results from the Vermont Secretary of State's office. (Click "Chittenden 8-1" in the drop-down menu.)

THANK YOU ALL for your unwavering belief in me and this next phase of service for my life. I am energized to continue serving my stellar community and state in this new way! Listening, responsiveness, and working for the common good of Vermonters will be my highest priorities.

I want to congratulate Rep. Linda Myers who won re-election for her 10th term (we are a 2-seat district) and has served Essex in the most dedicated of ways. She and I stood at the polls yesterday side-by-side for 12 hours; we will work well together in the coming term, I am most confident.

And I want you all to know that Tanya Vyhovsky for Vermont ran an amazing progressive campaign. She is a smart, savvy woman who holds an incredibly bright political future.

I learned so much from her about the challenges of affordability in this state, especially for younger Vermonters wanting to return home after college or post-secondary training. I hold nothing but respect and admiration for this hard-working woman who will continue to do great things for our community.

Deepest thanks again to all of you - it takes a great and mighty team to win a political contest and all of you were with me every step of the way.

I will be in touch soon with more stories and reflections from Election Day, once I've had a chance to get some rest today. Sending so many thank yous.

Marybeth Redmond